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Frequently Asked Questions

What's the difference between an Ant and a Termite?

Sometimes people mistakenly identify termites as ants when they see them in the ground or as "flying ants" when they see them swarming. Like ants, subterranean termites live in the ground and often move in a file, but there are differences, and it's important to know them.

Both ants and termites have two pairs of wings, but ants' wings are different sizes while the termites' wings are all the same size. Also, ants have narrowed waists and elbowed antennae while termites have thick waists and short, straight antennae that resemble strings of beads. Ants can vary in size, and winged termites can be brown or black like ants.

Are the products used a danger to the health of my children or pets?

All of the products we use have been tested and demmed safe for use in your home. Some of the products we use even have the same ingredients that are used in many popular flee treatments for dogs and cats. Studies show that when pesticides are applied according to label directions no adverse health effects occur to persons applying the product or to occupants of the treated building. The products we use are extensively tested for effectiveness by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

Is the pest control service Tom & Jerry's Pest Control provides more effective than over the counter treatments?

Over the counter pest control products are certainly an option for you. But most homeowners require the training that professionals have to treat pest problems effectively. A professional can correctly identify the insect and develop a course of treatment that takes the insect's habits into account. It is also important that the treatment products used are handled correctly to ensure effective treatment and environmental responsibility. A professional pest control operator is trained and has the expertise to do these things, leading to a very effective solution to your pest concern.