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Subterranean Termites

The Subterranean Termite Swarm and How to Combat It in Central Florida

Drywood, dampwood and subterranean termites are the three types of termites that have affected Florida for years. Although drywood and dampwood termites cause significant damage, a subterranean termite infestation is considered the most damaging and prevalent invasion of the three. The peak time for a subterranean termite swarm to appear is from January through May in Florida, and when it appears, immediate action should be taken. Tom and Jerry's specializes in removing subterranean termite infestations from your home.

The subterranean termite is a social insect that lives in colonies made up of workers, soldiers and reproductives. These pests nest in the soil, but they can reach wood structures by building tubes that connect to their subterranean termite nest The subterranean termite feeds off of wood or items like paper or fiberboard that contain cellulose, which they can convert into food by using the protozoa in their digestive tracts. Extensive damage is common with the subterranean termite since they are usually unnoticed. When a termite swarm appears, wings are often left behind; these wings serve as a sign of possible infestation.

Tom and Jerry's has various methods to remove a subterranean termite colony from your home before more extensive damage is caused:

Drywood Termites

Tent fumigations are the only proven way to eliminate drywood termite colonies. The fumigant spreads into every crack and crevice of a structure, penetrating into the pores of the wood to reach the air termites breathe. There's no way termites can survive.

Most other exterminators only provide "spot treatments," which only reach accessible areas in the property and produce partial or temporary results. These unreliable methods are a gamble because the technicians, who are not state-certified fumigators, are likely to miss many of the termites' points of entry. Too often, the termite problems resurface because the exterminators couldn't reach all the hidden areas.

At Tom & Jerry's, we won't gamble with your home. We use only Vikane ®, with over a 50 year proven track record.

Why don't most other exterminators offer tent fumigations? First, tent fumigations require certified fumigators. Second, the fumigants are much more expensive. Also, the spot treatments carry much less liability for the exterminators.

Many exterminators try to mislead customers into thinking that spot treatments work as effectively as tent fumigations. When customers insist on tent fumigations, they hire sub-contractors to do the work. At Tom & Jerry's, we don't sub-contract any of our work. Our clients can rest assured knowing that when they call us, one of our licensed fumigators will do the work and our company is completely accountable and liable for the results. All our work is backed by our Guarantee for tent fumigations and our Commitment to Excellence.